Our Story

E&M Consulting, Inc. (E&M) excels in partnerships through our customer service, professional sales, and award-winning publications. E&M produces hundreds of printed and online publications annually generating millions in non-dues revenue on a no-cost, no-risk basis. E&M’s partners include hundreds of Associations and Chambers, including 135 State Associations, 20 National Associations, and over 14,000 local, national, and international advertising companies.

E&M’s philosophy of team, family, and dedication helps solidify our partnerships with clients while forging bonds of trust and respect. Our in-house teams of designers, writers, developers, sales, and support staff are a passionate, career-driven group who help ensure that our clients’ visions are realized.

  • 1999

    E&M Consulting, Inc.
    is founded.

  • 2001

    E&M publishes first
    Membership Directory.

  • 2008

    E&M wins our first
    Publication Excellence Award.

  • 2009

    E&M prints our 3,000th publication.

  • 2012

    E&M rebrands with a new
    company logo.

  • 2012

    E&M moves to a new
    Headquarters in Chaska.

  • 2014

    E&M Management, LLC is
    founded to provide apps,
    websites, and software.

  • 2016

    E&M wins 19th International
    Hermes Creative Award
    & 12th AVA Digital Award.

  • 2018

    E&M prints our
    7,000th publication.

  • 2019

    E&M releases our 100th app.

  • 2020

    E&M launches Eppify,
    an HR app.

Goose holding large hourglass by pond with cattails

Our Values


E&M is dedicated to finding the balance of work while reaching life milestones and personal goals for each of our teammates.


Our leadership has a combined 175 years of dedicated service experience with E&M. With E&M, you will have devoted teammates with every step.


E&M believes in community by getting involved — volunteering through local food drives, charities, and sponsorships.


Trust starts with the character and strength of our team — our partners see that. Since our founding, E&M has retained 93% of our clients over 20+ years.

Our Highlights


of Experience


of Local, State & National Partners


of Completed Projects


of Non-Dues Revenue

Why Geese?

E&M strives to be an effective team
and geese have many behaviors
that promote teamwork.

Goose flying through clouds

Rotate leadership:

When flying in a V, geese take turns sharing the workload. When the lead goose becomes tired, it rotates back in the formation and another goose takes point.

Fly farther, together:

Geese fly in a flock drafting each other to fly significantly farther as a team.

Support each other when times are tough:

Geese will aid other geese that become sick or injured, and will stay with them until they are healed.

Doctor goose with stethoscope shaking hands with goose wearing necktie

Cheer on progress:

Geese honk to encourage one another when flying in a flock.

Loyal to their purpose:

Geese, typically, don’t alter their migration route. They maintain the purpose and the goal of the flock year after year.

Goose with hat and bag using binoculars with another goose pointing left

Join our Team



We have extraordinary Support Teams who keep everything running, day in, and day out, while improving efficiencies. They track the numbers, monitor the phones and emails, and keep the office fun and lively. None of our products would make it out the door successfully without the dedication of our behind-the-scenes warriors.



Our Graphics Team creates all the pieces within our printed and digital products, including the advertisements, layout & styling, cover designs, maps, infographics, and more. E&M utilizes the Adobe Creative Suite programs and the newest technology. Our artists have won 80 international publishing awards.



Our Copy Editors meticulously check every file that we produce. They edit, copy edit, and proofread all of our publications and digital products. They complete a 7-step editing process to ensure accuracy and quality. They also double as our award-winning writing team who create original pieces to enhance our publications.



Our Sales Team works exclusively with Associations and Chambers to contact their members about advertising and partnership opportunities. Base salary plus monthly bonuses are awarded for achievements. State-of-the-art software helps our team achieve 15% growth annually.

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